Kea Software
Internet Services
The Internet More and more services are being offered over the internet: sales, support, advertising, training, distribution of information. Why don't you too use the internet to your advantage?
Our Services We'll carry out all necessary steps for the realisation of your internet presence, including consultation, reserving the domain names, graphical design, programming and maintenance.

Due to our extensive experience in software development, we offer a competent means of realising your web sites, CGI scripts, Java applets, database applications, e-commerce systems, online forums and much more.
Translation We can design your web site to support multiple languages, so you reach an even larger audience.
Programming We mainly use the languages HTML, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL and C/C++.
Inquiries If you would like to enjoy the advantages of a professional internet presence, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us here.
Domain Check Check to see if your desired domain name is still free:

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